2004 Audi A4 issues need some advice

I have my Audi A4 checked at a local dealer and was told that the car had a number of issues.

I have listed the issues with quotes for prices

  1. Thermostat housing is leaking.Tech advised to remove and replace thermostat housing ($500)
  2. Tech also found water pump is leaking. Tech advised to remove and replace water pump ($1200)
  3. Camshaft adjuster gaskets and Valve cover gasket leaking ($900)
  4. Power steering pump leaking ($830)
  5. Steering Rack ($1920 + 170 for alignment)
  6. Front engine mount ($140)
  7. Left engine mount ($400)
  8. Transmission Output Flange leaking ($410)
  9. Catalytic converter ($1600)

I took the car from a friend of mine. He had the water pump replaced 2 years ago. I believe the valve cover gasket was replaced last year.
I do see the coolant level below “min”, but it is fairly steady. Tech said the coolant light was on but I did not see it when I drove to the dealer.

Could anyone please tell me what are the most pressing issues that need to be fixed

Thank you in advance!

Id go to a independent shop that works in European cars and get a 2nd opinion.

I’ll second @madRiver .

That bill is over $8000.

If you had all this fixed at those prices, you could buy another car that’s newer and in better shape.

“Independent” doesn’t mean that they are not as good of mechanic’s. It just means that their overhead is less than a dealer. I would also stay away from chain shops, Pep Boys, Midas, Meineke.

Find an independent shop and ask then to look over the engine. Tell them you are planning a long trip and want to avoid problems ahead of time, but don’t give them that list from the dealer.

See if they come up with as much wrong. I’ll bet they only find half those things to be serious problems.
Then compare prices.


I read the suggested repair list twice. Both times a voice in my head said " trade time ".

Most people would accept minor leaks from these systems on a 12 year old car as normal, are you a perfectionist? If it was a major leak you would have complained about it.

You should take a second look at the water pump leak, if it shows minor dry stains it is not urgent. If the seepage from the water pump is damp consider replacement soon. You don’t want to run low on coolant during a trip.

Consider this; 5 years from now when you sell this car for $1500 will it make a difference how well sealed the engine, transmission and steering systems are?