1993 Honda Accord clutch went at 68k miles

clutch …
only has 68000 miles

Which has 68,000 miles? The clutch or the car? Mechanical parts like clutches do wear out and 68,000 miles isn’t unheard of.

Especially if was a low quality replacenent clutch.

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Many clutches don’t last that long. It all depends on driving conditions and the operator’s foot.

A woman posted on this forum about 10 or so years about buying a VW New Beetle. A brand new one. She took her 16 year old daughter out to teach her how to drive a standard and in 2 days the clutch was wasted.


Wish op would come back. I’d like to see a 93 accord with 68k miles. Might be clean. Unless it’s from a rust belt state.

I was very friendly with the saleswoman at the Subaru dealership who sold me 3 cars, and whenever I took my car in for service, I would sit and chat with her until a customer came along for her. On one of those occasions, she told the tale of a young woman who had recently bought a brand-new Impreza with stick shift because a friend had told her that it was “easy to learn how to operate the clutch”.

Within two days, she burned-out the clutch. The dealership reportedly gave her a very decent trade-in value when she swapped it for an Impreza with automatic trans.

So, yes, it really is possible to destroy a clutch w/in just a few days.