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Audi A3 3.2 quattro

My husband is interested in this car. I dislike that the open sky system feature does not allow you to close it and truly block out the sun when the sun is at its brightest. Is the only option to block the sun out to tint the roof? Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s crazy that a $40,000 car doesn’t have automatic seat adjusters for the front passenger seat? Any other car(s) that is/are similar that we should check out?

since you have a lot of consonants in your name i am assuming you are of Germanic descent.

this is simply a comfort, feel decision

do YOU feel comfortable in this. does your spouse?

my son got an A3 with the open sky.

it is awesome… but I would not pay for it. JMHO

that… and that alone is the answer.

it is YOUR opinion.

I think I would feel the same as your husband. But that does not answer your question. You feel different. Since this appears to be a shared car, I believe it is best that the decision be shared. Keep shopping until you find a car you both can like.

You might also look at:

Volvo V50 T% w/ AWD
BMW 328xi wagon
Saab 9-3 Turbo-x SportCombi

I’m not sure if they are the same size, but the are all upscale AWD wagons. If you are interested in coupes or sedans, the market widens considerably.