ATV centrifugal clutch

I have a 2003 Honda TRX250 Sportrax with a centrifugal clutch. The crankcase was filled with gas via a stuck float valve and bad design. The quad was not operated with this gasoline in the crank, but it did sit for about 2 days, before the gas was flushed out of it. The clutch is located inside the crank on this quad. When the quad was first ran after all this, I noticed a little clutch slip. I kept driving it hoping that the clutch would grab better once the fresh oil soaked in more, but it just keeps slipping more. Could the gas have ruined my clutch? How hard would it be to replace the centrifugal clutch? I am supposed to go riding/camping today and I wont get a chance to again for a while, so any thoughts on this would be great help.

The gas probably attacked the bonding agent use on the friction material in the clutch and now this friction material is coming apart. Sounds like a new clutch in order.


Wait now, can I get snow blower help here too ? My leaf blower has been a bear to start too.

Unfortunately, thats what I was thinking too.

Does the gas you use contain ethanol?


doesn’t all gas have some ethanol?

When you replaced the oil in the ATV, what kind of oil did you use? Some synthetics will not allow friction clutches to work properly…

Most M/C carbs have a float bowl overflow drain that prevents fuel from flowing into the crankcase…

Not where I live.