AT Fluid Suffix

The owner’s manual for my 1992 Buick Century tells me to use DEXRON 2E auto trans fluid. I found some old, unopened cans of Kendall AT fluid in my garage. I think they date back to when my wife had a 1974 Dodge. The cans are labeled DEXRON 2 without the “E” sufFix. Is it safe for me to use these old cans? Or, will I be asking for serious trouble? I know motor oils have a letter suffix, but how important is the suffix on trans fluid?

Is it safe for me to use these old cans?

I wouldn’t risk it. It’s NOT worth risking the cost of destroying a transmission for the cost of a tranny fluid.

That old oil has got to be 20 years old! No way I’d put that in!

Dextron III superceded DextronIIE, and is fully compatible. Dextron VI is the new standard, and it is also compatible.

Dexron IIE solved the problem that Dexron IID had. And that was Dexron IID was hygroscopic. Or, the fluid absorbed moisture from out of the air. This wasn’t a problem if the fluid was used as a transmission fluid. But if were used in other hydraulic systems the fluid could absorb enough moisture to damage hydraulic components. So they came out with Dexron IIE.

If you use it as a transmission fluid there shouldn’t be a problem.


I just had a scary thought. You’re car is 20 years old. Has the original transmission fluid ever been changed?