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Oldsmobile Alero Fan Speeds

The blower on the heater fan only works at the highest setting on our Oldsmobile Alero 2000. Which relay do we replace to have all the setings work? Could it be either the HVAC Blower or Cool Fan Mode # 12177234 or theCool Fan#1 or #2 with # 12193604. Thanks for any help.

You don’t need a relay, you need a blower resistor pack. The resistor pack should be located in the HVAC duct, near the blower motor.

The resistors are what reduce the fan from high to the lower speeds. When the resistors wear out you’re left with high speed only.

Thank you soooo much!!! We will replace that!

Before spending $70.00 for a blower motor resistor module from the dealer, make sure the $15.00 high speed blower motor relay isn’t the problem. I’ve seen people replace these expensive modules only to find out the relay was the problem.

The relay is located in the junction block on the left side of the engine compartment above the strut tower. Remove the cover and there will be labeling identifying the blower motor relay. Locate another relay in the junction block with the same part number as the blower relay and swap it. If the blower works on the lower speeds replace the relay. If the blower still doesn’t function at the lower speeds, then replace the resistor module.