Ask Someone: 2014 Honda Accord Sdn Starting Problems

I had issue starting my 2014 Honda Accord. I brought to dealer. They told me I had bad starter and charged me $1000. I still have same issue. Honda needs to make this right or I will not purchase another Honda again.

There is a lot you are not telling us.
Before they replaced the starter, did it crank okay but not start? If so, somehow they mis-diagnosed the problem.
Before the replacement, if it would not crank and now it does-probably the starter had failed, though unusual for a 2014 of unknown mileage.
But: You authorized the repair.
It must have started when you picked it up.
Have you calmly discussed the post replacement problem with the dealership? If so, what have they said?
Since this car is out of warranty, you can use an independent mechanic.

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I’m going to guess this is an intermittent problem, i.e., one that didn’t happen all the time, because the car was apparently fine when you picked it up from the dealer. Does that fit the facts? Is the problem worse when the car is warmed up? It had probably been sitting when you picked it up. If so, it could be your battery. Or it could be a number of things. Take the car back and tell the service guy exactly what’s happening and under what circumstances. If you don’t get any satisfaction take it somewhere else. But the car is out of warranty and Honda isn’t responsible.