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Ask Someone: 2001 Honda Prelude - Leaky VTEC

VTEC engine leaks oil—about 1 quart per tankful of gas. No one seems to know why

That much oil leaking would be terribly messy, do you see oil leaking?

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No info about your cars mileage, engine, or how many miles you get on a tank of gas. So no answers.

No answers are required here… The OP was just making a statement it seems…

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2.2 liter I4 since that was the only engine available. Up to 350 mi. on a tank is typical, in this case probably less. It would be nice to know how many miles on the vehicle but none of that is particularly relevant. It’s an old car that’s going through oil. Question is: Why is it going through a quart of oil in that few miles? OP apparently assumes it’s leaking but, as @Nevada_545 pointed out, there should be visible indications and the leak, if any, can possibly be fixed. If there aren’t, the car is burning oil.

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If I recall correctly the H22 was known to consume its crank case oil a bit more than owners liked.