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As considering price, design, performance, zero-to-60, maximum speed and else, Which brand is best?

'Could somebody please compare price, design, performance, zero-to-60, maximum speed, reverse logistics, comfortability of the cars and advise which brand is the best?

The best way to do this is to do it yourself by buying a Consumer Reports as well as a car magazine buying guide. The sit down and read all the those figures and jot them down. For us to be doing things you can easily do yourself is silly.

The next question, of course is: “Why do you want this info?” Maximum speed is a non-issue since only a few states allow those speeds and we don’t know how good a driver you are to keep a car on the road at 135 mph, which some of those cars are capable of.

Is this hypothetical or are you interested in buying a car? Remember that everyone has a different ranking for the data you mentioned and data you didn’t mention. We could spend weeks discussing it and get nowhere.

That sounds like fun! Let’s do it!

Ya lost me at “reverse logistics”…

Tesla comes to mind. :sunglasses:

Not only is trying to answer a question like this silly it is a complete waste of time.

Yes. You should be getting a Bentley.

Bentley drop top.
This is a test, right?

Most important factor: cost. Set that, then you can talk cars.

Best is a relative term. “Best” at anything depends on what you need and want in a car. “Best ride and handling” is a phrase often used but little understood. Do you want a soft ride? firm ride? or in-between? Handling can be quite objective - I want to pull 1.0 G’s in a corner and do a 30 foot slalom at 50 mph. Fine, but your ride won’t be very soft - if that is indeed what you want.

It is very much like asking the best flavor of ice cream… there are lots of answers (chocolate, BTW) and it depends on your taste.

Porsche the brand that best fits the op’s criteria.

Absolutely correct–IMHO.

Someone is asking us to do the research for him. This is stupid.

I agree; that’s why I suggested a way for him to do his own. The way the question was posed reads more like “How long is a piece of string?” or “Which flavor of ice cream is best?”.

I suspect he may be a high school kid trying to get some bragging info.

Car & Driver and Road & Track have annual issues dealing with “The most bang for the buck” in performance cars. It used to be the Plymouth Road Runner, a striped 2 door with a large Hemi engine.

In that case, the answer is “Yugo.”


Docnick: Which few states allow maximum speed? High school kid? I was thinking middle school.

No- Reverse logistics???

I believe New Mexico allow unlimited speed during daylight hours and a speed limit after dark. Not sue about Arizona. In Montana (Big Sky Country) the police are easygoing on speeds in the wide open spaces. During the Nixon energy crisis 55 mph limits they handed out $5 tickets on the spot and after collecting the $5 wished you Happy Trails and looked the other way. That ensured the state kept getting federal funds.

There has never been unlimited speed limits in the USA. There has been unspecified speed limits. The “Autobahn” unlimited speed in Montana is an urban myth. Currently certain isolated interstate sections are 80mph. Decades ago and now, the speed limit is “reasonable and prudent”. If you were driving at near 200mph in your super car you would not be able to outrun a 186,000 miles per second radio and be cited with car impounded. 45mph on ice or in heavy smog or smoke you could be cited. The speed limit at night in Montana is 55mph due to the large critters that can be on the roads. New Mexico and Arizona are 75mph max on interstates.

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I’m driving around New Mexico. Speed limits everywhere.