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Oh lord wont you buy me a

Here I sit, a starving artist (actually I’m a musician, and I’m not starving cuz I have friends and family) up in BC (Canada, Pacific ocean) trying to get myself back home to DC (USA, east coast) by mid Sept. I have f and f along the way (MN WI IL OH) and figured it would be fun to buy a car (and the time is now). SO! What’s the best used car for the money, easy to fix and MPG? I don’t care what it looks like cuz i have friends who can turn it into an ARTCAR. Thanks to all for your tips

I would not say easy to fix, but the best car for an ARTCAR would be a VW Beetle. The original would be the best of the best, but a NB (New Beetle) would also be great.

Mercedes, Please Give Some Sort Of Price Range.

My friends all drive Porsches . . .


No price range and little info makes this a guessing game.

Easy to repair would be a Ford Taurus, or cousin Mercury Sable. They are generally reliable and are relatively cheap to buy and own. It will take some creativity to make it an artmobile but that’s what creative artist crave, a challenge. Since you are planning a long trip I’d even suggest the wagon version. Space to carry stuff, like your musical instruments, and perhaps you can sleep in the back with the seats down.

Used Camry/Accord/Corolla/Civic/Prism in that order…

I vote for a 1994-1999 Honda Civic DX. The DX is the discount model, which means the engine compartment isn’t totally cramped with stuff in your way. If you need to get under the hood and replace a belt or a hose, you will be able to do it with relative ease. This model gets decent fuel economy. It is also quite reliable, so your chances of having to fix something along the way is pretty low.

Do you know how to drive a car with a manual transmission? If so, try really hard to get one with a manual transmission. The weakest link in this car is the automatic transmission.

Musician, huh?

How much musical gear will you be toting along? It makes a difference in what car to get. (I.E. “harmonica” vs. “duplicate of Neil Peart’s drum kit.”)

thanks Joseph, it would make a great pallet
how do they RUN?


thanks uncle turbo!

I’m also looking at a SATURN (96 SL1 and 02 SL2) good gas mileage and the owners seem to like them, but I’m a bit concerned about repairs since they’re not made anymore…ideas there?

YES I agree!
are there any “BAD YEARS” for these models? bet there’s a website out there somewhere…

BTW thanks! YOU ALL are great to help out :slight_smile:

yes Sir Whitey, growing up in MinneSNOWta I actually prefer the control of a manual.
thanks for the specific tip! I’ll start looking…

LOL meanjoe (Mean? fan of?)
I’m your basic singer/songwriter with a Martin and some junk percussion (djembe et al small stuff) and yes, a harmonica (or 6)
I’m thinking station wagon-ish at the biggest or, for the better MPG and hatchback or sedan I can put the seat/s down and stretch on the diagonal…tanks!

He is a fan of Charles Edward ?Mean Joe? Greene, who was a defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s.

“are there any “BAD YEARS” for these models?”

Yes, late '70s

of course! though I dont follow the gridiron now, I did back then and the Steelers and the Vikings were mighty rivals.
Thanks Whitey

A Crown Vic or a Grand Marq. Absolutely the most car for your money. Never buy a used car in MN, WI, Il, OH, they will have severe salt damage. Fly down to Phoenix ($99) and buy a rust-free Panther from a geezer…Room for the band AND most of their instruments…! 25-26 MPG on the highway…