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Are these fuel injectors leaking? How to fix?

Hi everyone, please advise me if these 2 fuel injectors are leaking? If so, how to fix?
My car is Toyota Matrix 2010 (103,000km).
Photos are below.
(Edited: added more close up photos)

Leaking how? To the outside world? You should be able to smell that. We can’t smell things over the internet. Removing the fuel rail and replacing the O-rings would fix a leak to the outside world,

Leaking internally? Can’t be seen by you or us. Replacing the injectors would fix that.


Thanks @Mustangman. Some mornings there is strong gas smell when I start the car (cold start only). Some morning there is no smell.

Can you tell where the gas smell is coming from: under hood, under car, out the tailpipe? Is it detectable before or after the engine is started, or both?

The smell occurs right after I start the car first time of the day (not every day), and lasts about 1 - 2 minutes.
I haven’t been able to figure out where the smell comes from yet. But i feel it strongest when standing outside of the car, right at the driver door.
There was 1 day that felt the smell even inside the car.

I’d be looking first for a leak between the fuel pump and the engine - maybe a connector on top of the gas tank or in the line to the engine compartment.

Thanks @shanonia. What about these 2 fuel injectors? Are those 2 dark drips fuel leaking?

Now that I see those dark spots around those injectors, I would follow Mustangman’s advice.