Are there any advanatages buying a car out of state?

I would like to know if I buy a car in Louisiana and live in Mississippi are there there any advanatages or benefits or would there be more problems than it’s worth if I save $500-$1000

Many states require you to pay sales tax on cars bought outside the state, so you may end up paying twice. I don’t see how that’s an advantage. Look at the total you have to spend, not just the advertised price. There may be no savings at all.

I don’t know the laws in Mississippi, but I live in northeast Florida and bougnt a motorcycle in Georgia to pay lower sales taxes. The only difference was that I had to register it myself at the local tax office in Florida rather than let the dealership give me the license plate and registration. I didn’t have to pay any additional sales taxes. If sales taxes are lower in Louisiana and Mississippi doesn’t make you pay sales tax twice, there is a clear advantage.

Yes, sometimes, but you need to know how the sales tax system works in your state and the purchasing state.

For instance, I live in Kentucky. A Kentucky resident can buy a vehicle in Tennessee and sign an out of state tax waiver, then pay tax in Kentucky. In Kentucky, any vehicle you own on Jan 1st of any year, you owe property tax on. For a $40,000, this will probably be around $700. You could buy a vehicle in Tennessee in November, drive it on a temp tag for 30 days, park it for a couple weeks, and register it in Kentucky on January 2nd. Then you won’t owe property tax on it till the following year. (They (The state) keep trying to invent ways to stop this)

Something I’ve noticed before is the manufacturer’s discounts differ from state to state. Tennessee might have a $1500 rebate in November but Kentucky only $1000. When you buy the vehicle in Tennessee and live in Kentucky, you are only eligible for the Kentucky $1000 rebate. Why? I don’t know.


there are also a few disadvantages,too.find out about the neighboring state’s inspection laws.some states don’t require the owner to have regular maintenance or even inspect their vehicle at all(!)until they sell it.i’ve seen some horrendous monstrosities wheeling around down around the Maryland/Virginia/DC area.many of those vehicles look like they would be scrapped instantly in the tri-state Pa area.

It would be rare that it would be worth the extra trouble. However it might be a good bargaining tool. Find one cheaper out of state and your dealer may become more willing to give you a bigger discount.

Another possible issue is your local dealer would be less likely to provide some kind of goodwill benefits.