Are Oil and Fuel System Cleanings Worth It?

The garage I have my oil changed at occasionally recommends oil and fuel system cleanings.

Are these actually beneficial to the engine or is it an attempt to get more of my (somewhat) hard earned money?


Sounds a little like a boat payment to me.

I’m assuming you are not having any issues with your car, and this may depend on your car.
Some cars have a “sludge” issue with the oil. I’ve had good luck adding a bottle of ATF (yep, Automatic Transmission Fluid, I used synthetic) to the oil and driving 100 or so miles before changing the oil. That cured noisy hydraulic lifters in one of my cars, and it sure seemed to clean things out. Even kept the new oil looking cleaner, longer.

For your fuel system, dump some Techtron fuel treatment in the gas tank.

I’d spend my money on flushing the coolant and the brake fluid if your car is more that 6 or 8 years old.

Use the search feature offered on this forum. This issue has really been discussed at lenght.