Are my wheels/brakes missing a cover

I am wondering if the tire on my car is missing a cover behind the rims?

By cover, I am referring to the yellow piece of metal in the Porsche photo

I drive a Nissan Murano 2014. I brought my car into the shop for repair a few weeks ago and they adjusted my brakes. I’m wondering if the mechanics forgot to put a cover piece back onto the wheel?


The Porsche has a painted powder coated caliper. yours is just the natural
rusted metal color.


Oh, and by the way, the type of brakes in your picture have no adjustment.


It’s normal for that part (the brake caliper) to be visible with wheels/wheel cover designs like that. Take a look at other cars next time you go into a grocery store parking lot. I expect you’ll see many examples. Not on my Corolla though, it has a solid wheel cover, so that part is invisible with the wheel cover installed. I think the Corolla’s configuration makes more sense as it helps prevent grit from getting into the area.

The front brakes on your car are discs, which generally aren’t adjustable. But the rears may have drums (at least for the parking brake function) which usually is adjustable. Take a look at your owner’s manual, you may be able to adjust the parking brake yourself by pulling on the parking brake lever a few times. Many people don’t use their parking brakes, theyjust use the Park position of the transmission. This results over time in the drum brakes getting out of adjustment. My Corolla has rear drum brakes both for braking and for parking. I adjust them myself by pulling on that lever a few times every once in a while.

The guy with the Porsche probably paid almost as much for those fancy yellow calipers as you paid for your whole car. :wink: He was probably more interested in showing off how much he can afford than most Nissan drivers are.


Great, thank you for your help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Last month I worked on a customer’s car that had vinyl wrap on the brake calipers;

Never heard of that but it was worth the price of admission. I think I’ll just leave mine alone.

My kid has 4 piston calipers on his suv. Had a question about slide pins and I said they don’t have ones. Calipers are pretty big too.

I think the brake-calipers painted a different color look makes for a more interesting wheel appearance. I wouldn’t choose that myself; I have more fun ways to spend money than for artistic wheels. To each his own though.

I have a neighbor whose hobby is rebuilding old woodworking power tools. Like 80 year old table says, etc. When he repairs the electrical motors for these gadgets, which tend to be quite large, he paints the parts of the motor a different color while apart. When put back together makes for a more interesting appearance. He sells these power tools to fund his hobby, so I expect the more elaborate paint job more than pays for itself. Sort of like that show American Restoration. While most of the time and effort goes into restoring the function (like when restoring a coca-cola vending machine), a considerable part of the appeal value of those restores is the cool paint job.

A man of my own heart. I like to do the same thing I guess although my ambition is definitely waning.

When we were first married we got a hand me down mixer from my MIL. One of those heavy duty models. But it was white and didn’t match our avocado appliances. So I took it all apart and did a professional refinish. Of then a few years later everything was gold, so I did it again. Finally I bought a new $400 one and I think it is white. I’m not painting that one. My DIL wanted red when we bought her one. Ain’t painting that one either. But yeah I like to return old stuff to their former glory, even if no one will see it.

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