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Are hybrids or diesels healthy?

More hybrid propaganda.
Toyota gets all of its nickle from one mine in Canada. The total nickle that Toyota buys from the mine amounts to 1% of the mines production. And all of the nickle Toyota buys certainly doesn’t go into hybrid batteries. Nickle is used in all of the stainless steel parts used in all Toyota’s.
So 99% of the mines production go to other users, but hybrids get ragged on…

There haven’t been a lot of “end of life” batteries on the Toyota Hybrids yet as the batteries are holding up quite well, but there is a very effective recycling program for the used up batteries when they do die. Any Mechanical Engineer who says the Prius has a higher impact than a Hummer is a total fool or designs gas guzzling SUV’s for a living.
This Urban Legend was proven wrong long ago.

A highly efficient gas car will never do better than a highly efficient gas car with an electric motor to help it. The electric energy is provided by the vehicle itself so there’s no “grid” that has to be accessed.

You really need to do some hybrid research before bashing.

Yes, they are as a matter of fact. The NiMH batteries are warranted for the first ten years, then they’re almost worth their weight in gold for recycle. Toyota has a standing offer through their dealers of $150 for any old Prius battery packs. You can do better than that if you check around at battery recyclers.

You didn’t think people just through them in a dumpster did you?

Occupant and responder safety issues on hybrids was disproved years ago. If you’re going to bash hybrids try and get more current information.

A lot of excellent posts so far.

I’d like to add that the earth is surrounded by magnetic fields.
I’d also like to a that if magnetic fields were harmful MRIs would not have become the diagnostic tool of choice.

Diesel cars do give me headaches. They always have. I also get headaches from that handwashing soap they put in public dispensers (you know, the one with hand cream to prevent the spread of germs), excessive purfume on ladies (or men), excess noise, and (of course) people that believe everything is harmful…I have a headache now…I’m leaving…(just kdding you).

Ohhh. I didn’t tell you. We knocked down a wall. After a certain age parading around “naked and fretting about how much pollution was created to make your tofu.” doesn’t work anymore. Now there are fewer walls to stare at as we fret. :frowning:

[b][i]Looking To Buy A “New Carbon” ? Are They Healthy ? Only Their Mechanic Or Doctor Would Know.

Are They Healthful ? Is that what you’re really wondering ?[/i][/b]

“I am looking to buy a new carbon with a small carbon footprint.”

Buy the " new carbon " that has the smallest shoe size.


I did do research, it’s widely held by some engineering circles. And yes, a highly efficient gas only CAN surpass an electric hybrid, especially in high speed driving. Energy is energy and it has to come from somewhere, and all of it is converted to mechanical force to move the car. The fact that some of it comes from an electric motor doesn’t make much difference. Sure, regenerative breaking does some, but not as much as is lost in converting power from one form to another. An old Honda CVCC used to get like 45 MPG. Better than many hybrids.

Agree Mike; a typical tank full of gas is the equivalent of 100 lbs of dynamite!!! Even if it does not explode, it will cover you and burn you up quickly.

I agree with ‘common sense answer’. Buy whatever carbon shoe fits. The Chinese and others could care less on our utopian ideals concerning the environment.

While everyone is busy learning Spanish, we will all be under Chinese rule in 100 years.They are a very patient society that can see the big picture.

But at least you get to do it naked.

“I’d like to add that the earth is surrounded by magnetic fields.”

If the Earth did not have its magnetic field, we wouldn’t have an atmosphere.

You’re comparing a '70’s Civic CVCC?? A 35 year old sub-compact manufactured before the Clean Air Act that required unleaded fuel and catalytic converters? Even then the '75 Civic CVCC was EPA rated at an even 40mpg. For a inefficiently semi smog equipped sub-compact.

You specifically addressed the Prius in your post. So, show me another gas/ diesel sub-compact or compact vehicle that does better than the Prius EPA rating. Then show me a gas/ diesel Mid-Sized car that can beat it.

Energy is energy. Ok… but the point of the Prius is it uses energy that other vehicles don’t tap. I simply don’t see your point about converting power from one form to another results in a loss, and how that affects the Prius system. Please explain your views.

Didn’t ford say that about the extended range fuel tanks in the police cruisers that kept reminding people of pintos? They repeatedly said that extensive tests showed the tanks were safe. The batteries are insanely dangerous. Really. Just like a gas tank they are safe unless broken. Broken they are a nightmare. If you still drive a car with a 20 gallon tank you are not on the side of economy anyway.
By the way very few cars are involved with movie style tank explosions. Try mythbusters sometime. It is really hard to blowup a car without real dynamite. It never happens in real life.

Have you actually looked at the chemical sludge that comes out of so called battery recycling. It is a hazmat nightmare. That is why it is done in third world countries where they still can dump the chem sludge down the drain. The energy impact of doing the recycling correctly is too high and the cost of dumping in a third world stream low. Wake up.

I’d like to see your sources on those claims. It’d be an interesting read.
Because scrap batteries are so heavy it could cost a lot in freight to ship them. That’s why there is a substantial amount of recycling done in the US following the EPA guidelines.
Lead batteries are nearly 98% recyclable so I can’t see having an tremendous amount of byproduct. Again, I’d like to read your source.

But we can’t bash hybrids for that damage. All cars have batteries. Truck tractors have two, and they’re huge. We’re talking millions and millions every year. Then throw in cell phones, cordless tools and laptops which all have batteries to recycle. I would doubt if hybrid batteries amount to even 1% of the big picture, but people use it as a bashing

Sure, regenerative breaking does some, but not as much as is lost in converting power from one form to another. An old Honda CVCC used to get like 45 MPG. Better than many hybrids.

Lets compare apples to apples here…

First off your CVCC DID NOT GET 45mpg IN CITY DRIVING…That was strictly highway driving…I’m the first to admit that a Hybrid is not a wise choice if your commute is mostly highway…If your commute is at least 50% rural/city driving then a Hybrid makes sense…A CVCC at BEST will get 32-35mpg for rual driving. My neighbor who’s commute is mainly rural driving (with the last 5 miles of his 20mile commute on the highway)…gets around 50mpg…That would be a 40% INCREASE in gas mileage over the CVCC…Considering his Civic is MUCH BIGGER…far less pollutant…AND it get’s at least 40% BETTER gas mileage…yea…in his case buying a hybrid is well worth it.

Mike, the 2010 Prius is EPA rated at 48mpg highway (50mpg city).
I’m curious why you think a mid-sized car rated at 48mpg wouldn’t be a wise choice if the commute is mostly highway? Why would this not make sense?

Hate the smell of diesel fuel in its raw state and hate the smell of it after it is burned. Diesel=only if I am forced.

. The batteries are insanely dangerous.

Really??? Show me please…

I don’t think I or anyone else said anything about the car exploding…Just that it’s far far more likely for gas to spill in a accident which is very dangerous then there’s a problem with a Pruis battery…

Mainly because the Prius doesn’t get 48mpg highway…More like 40mph highway…They really shine in non-highway driving…And you can get a car like a Honda Civic that get’s very close highway mileage as the Prius for a LOT less.

That’s not my experience at all. I have documented every mile of our 2010 Prius mileage.
It easily and consistently get 48-52 mpg on the highway. Personal best on I80 for 400 mile average of 54mpg. Again, real world documented mpg.

Where did you get you 40mpg?