Are drivers of certain makes of cars less safe?

Floridian excuse: “it’s no bodies business where I’m going”.


Also known as not giving information to the enemy. :grinning:


My reply to that would be:

Your turn signals/directions are other drivers’ business!

Just as mine are yours.

In MA, it’s considered a sign of weakness


Same here. Also, never use the same route twice. They might be catching up.



I have zero patience for it, in a safe driving context.

As a little kid, when I asked my dad why he didn’t use the blinkers, he said “Why? I know I’m turning!” … lol …

There was a joke in Reader’s Digest, many year ago, which ran something like this:

A motorist was driving on a country road when, suddenly, a pickup truck crossed his path to turn into a side road, and the motorist narrowly avoided hitting the pickup. The motorist pulled over to ask the pickup driver why he had turned w/o using a signal, and the response was, “You durn fool! Don’t you know that I always turn here?”.

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Readers digest had some great ones, I did not know which way they were going to go so I hit them. No officer I was thinking do I go straight and sign says no u turn, I yeild as loud as I could, he must not have heard me!

My work recently brought me to Southern California, along with several colleagues from across the country. As we were driving a reasonable 60mph in a 40mph zone, one of the guys commented about turn signal use. I explained that in CA the turn signal is used during a maneuver, not before one.

“Reasonable 60 in a 40” Reasonable???

Again, and not pointing at you asemaster, THIS is part of the problem: posted speed limits are treated as minimums in this country! I do 37 in a 40, and if you don’t like it… go around me! It’s your ticket.

As far as employing a directional or other indicator "during a maneuver ", you are just inviting someone to pull up alongside you when stopped, roll down their window and yell at you…

“I DON’T READ MINDS, a-hole!!”

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That was meant as a tongue-in-cheek comment. Though there is a grain of truth there. Every time I’m there I’m reminded I don’t drive fast enough. I was in the middle lane doing 50 in a 40, even the local cop car passed me on the right because I wasn’t going fast enough for the conditions and flow of traffic.

Nahh, that’s just business as usual here on the west coast! :grinning:

I had my boss in the car with me (he’s from NJ) and he commented that SoCal drivers are far more aggressive than in NJ, so much so he didn’t want to drive that week.

Both in Michigan and Florida (and points in between) it has been my observation the past few years that there is a strong correlation between aggressive drivers and Dodge/Ram pickups. Higher speeds, tailgating, abrupt unsignalled lane changes. One can almost predict their driving behavior as soon as they appear the road.


Similar to what I observed in CT, albeit not so much aggressive driving, but almost a complete lack of turn signal usage, across all makes of pickup trucks.

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\I doubt it had anything to do with the pickup’s make/model, just happened to be a particularly ill-tempered driver. Before Covid forced my Corolla off the road I had a problem with the same aggressive driver in one location, must have shared similar schedules. After about a month I saw them on the side of the road, police lights flashing. Never saw them after that.


Well, if you can’t Dodge it, Ram it… :grin:


Years ago my Dad had a rented Toyota Corolla for a month working in Denton, TX. Felt like every pickup driver cut him off or wouldn’t give the right of way. Maybe the rental agent was trying to tell him when the Mercury Mountaineer was offered for the same rate.

**** them - You do you. That’s what I do! RH lane, 3-5mph below posted, on highways.

I get it. It’s the culture here in the States.

I used to do 50 in a 40, middle lane, or more like 60 in a 55, middle lane. I got tired of feeling like the team in the Millennium Falcon during the asteroid scene from Empire…!

Last couple of years: 3-5mph below posted, RH lane, mindin’ my own. At least on-rampers a quarter mile up aren’t afraid to merge in front of me, I’m not bearing down on them.

How it’s supposed to work.

Boston Post Road in CT, most of the time I’m RH lane, 5mph below posted. 30 in a 35 zone usually. Everyone WARPS by me on my left, 50-60mph, then slam on the brakes in unison at the traffic lights up ahead, lol! I’m coasting toward the reds - and them - when it turns green!

Oh I’m very much a go with the flow of traffic kind of guy, whether the flow on the freeway is 20 or 70. It’s just that where I live in WA the flow tends to be a little slower than in SoCal!

lol … years ago I used to see a Dodge truck on the road from time to time with a name on the truck’s side panel “The Intimidator” . I’m not sure if that was the official Dodge model name, or something the owner added. The driver’s driving style seemed pretty polite & considerate.