Are crown vics worth anything?



My in-laws are getting a new car to replace their 98 crown vic (v8 engine). The Ford in general is in good shape, save for driver’s side door’s interior panel falling off, and something about the brake lines needing to be repaired. The body, engine, and transmission are in fine shape.

Now I know dealerships will lowball you on trade ins, but the salesperson offered them $100 for the car.

Is this crazy or what?


Check out to get an idea what the car might be worth as a private sale or a trade-in.

Some people REALLY like Crown Vics, and this one may be worth more than you think. If the drive train is in good shape it should certainly be worth more than $100, but you’d have to elaborate on the “brake line” problem.

On the other hand, one of the reasons these cars are popular is that, as used cars, they can be purchased for not too much money.

They are generally very reliable, although their size and V-8 engine can be a liability when you are buying gas at $3.00 per gallon.


How many miles on this car?


The dealership does not want the car. Sell it yourself. Unless dealer sells old used cars (most don’t) they auction them off or send them to the junkyard.


I will give them 10x that right now! It is worth a lot more than 1000!

Seriously, CVs, as already mentioned do depreciate pretty quickly. Since they are very reliable vehicles, used ones are a good buy. If you live in a city some taxi company will buy it for a lot more than what the dealer offered.


My wife and I inherited an '87 Crown Vic from my grandmother. We kept it for 2 years, and I managed to catch up with the maintenance for the car. With this land yacht, the EFI V8 was getting 17 mpg city, but got an amazing 26 mpg highway! Almost as good as a Camry!

I think these cars still have value. But you may not get it from a dealer.


Car dealers want to make money in a bad way. They often get these cars for nothing and make a killing on them or they auction them off and only make a manslaughter.