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Selling Crown Vic

Caller from NYC (formerly from N. Adams, MA) trying to sell Crown Vic: search web for Crown Vic collector/fanatic sites. You will probably find people who would like nothing better than a mint Crown Vic.

I drove cab for several years in Portland , OR, and the CROWN VIC was always the vehicle of choice.( 80% of the fleet.). Lots of room (interior and trunk), reliable,lots of power, easy to maintain and repair, all parts still available, and tolerable mileage for a car of this size. And the spotlight was necessary for pick ups/drop offs at night in the rain. We bought most of ours from police or fire dept auctions. Also, most had easily cleanable interiors ( necessary for the late night fares from bars!!). Our NY/MA lady should post it online in Boston or NY…it would be gone in a day!!

Dope slaps all around!

You guys are part of a web site called You know – the one with the giant nationwide used car listings? It was hilarious (and painful!) to listen to you guys say, “There must be somewhere you could put an ad on-line to sell this thing…”

Go ahead and buy an ad at – that’s how I bought my last used car. It’s pretty cool – you can search for year, model, mileage, how far it is from where you live… (Who knew that by driving a hundred miles I could find exactly the used car I wanted from a private seller?) List the Crown Vic there – SOMEONE is looking for it!

gleng1, you got it right. In the NYC area, there’s a boatload of Crown Vics on offer at, everything from a recent police interceptor to an ex-NYC taxicab with 266,000 miles on it for $1500.

Went to e-bay to see if she posted her crown vic. – whole bunch of X police cars with White doors, police emblems etc. and one Yellow x taxi — but no x chiefs car. I wonder if "regular people even drive Crown vics? I wonder if they still have the sirens and red lights in the grills? They are great cars. A few of my friends do drive these and most are not police, taxi or firemen.