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Is it time for a new car

I have a 93 crown vic with less than 24,000 miles is it worth repairing, it needs a new brake and fuel lines due to extensive rust, the power windows no longer work and the air conditioner needs to be retrofited. I love this car but am not sure that it is worth the expensive repairs. I drive about 25 miles a week. Thanks

It’s a personal choice. Frankly I would consider all those issues as opportunities to get rid of the car and get something I would like. Now when my 1970 VW Bug had rust, I kept it going as long as I could. Too bad I did not know that replacement floor boards were cheaply available at the time, I might still have that car.

If the body is badly rusted, I would say get rid of it. If you only need the repairs indicated, and body rust is not a major proble, fix it up and drive it till gas prices go back up again. Crown Vics are reliable and safe cars. 24,000 miles is very low mileage, so there is a lot of life left in the old beast!

Sounds like you have some severe rust problems there. Fuel lines and brake lines rusted, there is probably rust holes getting through body as well. Consider gas prices now days and amount of money you will have to shell out to get repairs done, it’s probably better getting a new car.

The power windows failing were a common problem for that year car (actually a range of years). A little plastic piece breaks off the bracket holding the glass and this allows the regulator assembly to get messed up. I think the regulator assemblies are about $75, plus a bit of labor to replace.
Cars die both by mileage and by age. While these can get up to 500 K miles, I think you are getting close to the age limit. I’d replace it.

I think most vehicles, no matter the make, have about a 10 year life span on their power window motors. I know the motors on my 99 Civic are going bad, the headlights dimming tell me they are. Haven’t priced the parts yet, but I may just live with it till they finally die

Rust as stated is the deciding factor…body repair often cost much more than mechanical and means a car is unsafe. It would be unwise to put major repair and find out later it’s uninspectable. Rust is ALWAYS worse than it appears on the surface.

“I love this car but am not sure that it is worth the expensive repairs.”

I guarantee it doesn’t love you back and will strand you like a bad date if given the chance…dump it.