Arctic Freeze and Antifreeze - What to Use in Older Cars?

We are expecting temps in the low to mid 20’s here – cold for this region. I have three 80’s cars (with the 3.8 liter V6 and 4.5 liter V8 and 4.1 V8 -Olds and Caddies). I’m double-checking them for antifreeze and am wondering if there is a certain type I should use or not use. Any suggestions? Thanks

Do you have the owners manual???

There are also some anti-freeze formulas that are good for ALL vehicles.

Mid 20s is hardly arctic. Any anti-freeze, correctly blended, will not freeze at that temperature. Buy an anti-freeze tester at a parts store and make sure the engines are protected.

Your cars probably use the tried-and-true green antifreeze, but consult the owner’s manuals to be sure. If they use Dex-cool you can do some research and decide whether or not you want to replace it with something else.

As long as you don’t mix types and colors you’ll be OK.

Use what the manual recommends in the portions on the back of the antifreeze bottle.

Also, if you haven’t changed the coolant in five years or more now is the time. Others here will say three years and I’ll not argue with them.

There are also some anti-freeze formulas that are good for ALL vehicles.

That should be “There are also some anti-freeze formulas that claim they are good for ALL vehicles.”

There are some cars that are particular.

Use what the manual recommends unless something else has replaced it, ie: I went from Dexcool to peak global, so if I needed antifreeze I would not use the manual recommended Dexcool.

Zerex Original Green is pretty similar to the OE stuff. It is lower in silicates which is OK.

Shoot,cheat a little bit,if the cooling system contents check out low enough,drain and refill the radiator with new 50/50 mix,you probaly wont have any trouble-Kevin