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Generic or O’Reilly’s anti freeze. O’Reillys is the new name for Schucks Auto supply. Would there anti freeze be as good as any? Any reason not to reuse the anti freeze i drained out as its only 6 months old

You did not tell us what make model and year car (or boat for that matter) you have.<div><br></div><div>    Not all cars are the same.  What will be recommended in one car may not be recommended for another.  Different materials used in the radiator etc. may not be compatible with all types of coolant. (Note: it is not just an antifreeze.  You need the proper stuff in during the winter and summer.  </div>

As I recall certain coolants can react with others leaving you a real mess.

95 jeep 4.0

If it’s clean, the 6 month old anti-freeze should be fine to reuse…Otherwise, the generic stuff should be fine…

Great. Thanks

Prestone and others make a Generic Anti-freeze that they say is compatible with ALL manufacturers and ALL other type of anti-freeze. I’ve been using it for the past 5 years without any problems.

Groovy…I can dig it

There have been a number of problems with using the wrong coolant.  The different metals in the cooling system and the lack of certain additives to protect some radiator parts etc. makes me stick with something that has been approved by the manufacturer of your car.  

 As I recall there are some coolants that are not compatible with other coolant types and that can cause some expensive problems.  

 If you don't want to take my advice, I really suggest you check the owner's manual and see what it says.   I use the stuff recommended, but it's your choice.  If something happens, at least it is not likely to cause any injury to me.  

Good Luck