Antifreeze update/question -- What to use for older GM cars?

I searched and received a recommendation for Zerex. I need the “older” type coolant – the green type. My local NAPA stores do not carry Zerex. I can shop locally at AutoZone, O’Reilly, or Wal-Mart. Are there brands at these stores that will meet the 1988 GM requirements? I don’t want to mess up my cars by adding the wrong type. All three have the “old style” green stuff. Thanks for your help.

You can use any of the older green or any “universal-all makes and models” antifreeze without any problems. My grandson has an 86 GM product and we are using a combination of Walmart green and Peak green in it. You should be safe with any of the house brands you mention.

The specs in the 80’s were far less stringent than the current HOAT, OAT, or Dexcool issues of today.

Thank you very much. I will check out AutoZone tomorrow. Have a great holiday season!

There are brands other than Zerex that are perfectly good as the “old style” green anti-freeze. Your local auto parts store will have at least one.