Apple is really serious

… about entering the electric vehicle marketplace:

Apple Hires Former BMW Executive for Its Rebooted Car Project - Bloomberg

If the car is true to Apple form… It will be more expensive than the competition, have less features, be incompatible with other EV chargers including Tesla’s, only be able to be serviced at an Apple store, need to be scrapped away when the battery goes bad and the window glass will cost 10 times what any other car costs. :star_struck:

But like Tesla owners… Apple car owners will be rabid about the brand, gladly pay ANYthing Apple wants to charge, ignore the quality or feature faults, and argue to the death that their cars are the BEST even with proof to the contrary. :roll_eyes:

Teslerati vs The Apple Core… in a California Cage Match… coming to a Starbucks near YOU! :rofl:


That sums it up very well, I think.


Apple p/e is 28. Tesla is 600
Apple div per share $4, Tesla div is $1
Apple value $2 trillion. Tesla is $600B. Which is too high.
Though, zero-60 in 2 sec is cool

And also a lie…

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Would this man make statements that are questionable?


Why, YES, yes, he would. I think he makes more and more outrageous statements to see if anyone will call him on it.

Elon Musk is undoubtedly very intelligent, but that doesn’t preclude significant mental/emotional problems from floating around in his psyche… as I’m sure you are aware.

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If it was done, it was probably done exactly one time in a row on a drag strip prepped with traction compound under ideal conditions.

Really, zero to sixty times are genitalia measuring contests in my opinion. Forty to eighty time/distance is a much more relevant measure of passing power, and is also much more repeatable in a road test.

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Even on a drag strip, 0-60 is bogus since it is a rolling start. The timing lights are not tripped until the front tire rolls out of the staging lights so the car is already in motion.