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Anyone work on performance cars

Just wanted to know if there is anyone who works on performance cars how you got there also anyone self thought

There are plenty of performance mechanics in the yellow pages . Self ( taught ) doubtful.

There are countless self-taught mechanics who work on their own race cars. Most of them grew up learning from their dads and experimenting on their own. While fuel metering has become much more complex, largely due to emissions reduction mandates, the basics of how engines work remain the same.

“Automobile” magazine’s new issue contains an interview with Don Garlits, the “Godfather” of drag racing and one of the sport’s greatest.

If you want to get into the field, the best route IMHO is to either get an accredited degree in automotive technology and take the ASE exams, then hook up with a good shop and learn, learn, learn at every opportunity, or go to school for a mechanical engineering degree and try to get involved in automotive design. And go to drag races at every opportunity. Either route will give you a good path to learn.

And know that “luck” is having done all the hard work of learning and preparing when “opportunity” finally comes along.