Anyone know

its me again… ive been posting alot of queestions about the car i bought shortly ago… i have a toyota corolla… when i start it, it just began making a chirping rattle like noise after about ten seconds of being on… sort of sounds like a cricket. then it dissappears the warmer the car gets… anyone have any idea… ?

I do not know the previous answers, but it sounds like the serpentine belt or a belt tensioner. It can make noise on moist mornings, and be totally harmless, other than the fact you have to turn up the radio until it goes away. The real answer lies with some trusted mechanic that will look at your car and make the proper diagnosis.

You may have a worn pulley bearing.

To test, remove the belt(s) and by hand put side pressure on the pulley and turn it back and forth while listening for squeaks or scratchy noises.
Sometimes a worn serpentine belt (or its tension pulley) will make that noise.

Don’t forget to check the alternator pulley too.

could it be the pulleys even if it goes away after short time… ???

Also could be water pump going out.
Before you start it open hood and use a dr stephscope or a 15-18in piece of wood to your ear and listen to where the noise is coming from.
Make sure you stay away from belts and fan.
Another way to check water pump is after car is warm take a big pair of plyers and squeeze top radiator hose, when you let loose you should hear and feel a swoosh.
You can try it on a friends 4cyl so you can judge feel and sound.
If it is water pump also do timing belt and tensioner

hi hd72, are you saying that using a doctors stethoscope will help me to pinpoint that squeak sound.?. and when i check the waterpump for that swoosh sound your talking about, if i hear the swoosh does that mean the pump is ok? also, if it is the waterpump, are you saying i should also replace the time belt and tensioner? and lastly, do you know how much a job like this would cost?? thanks.

A Mechanic’s stethoscope. It’s a long piece of metal rod connected to ear plugs.

If you have never squeessed a hose to check water pump you will need to try it on 1 or 2 other cars with 4 cylinder motor to see what feels right.
If you have to change water pump the biggest cost is labor to get to the pump and you are right at the timing belt and belt is only $25 or so.
Just like when you do timing belt you should always do water pump at same time.
Ask around and find a good local shop, alot cheaper than a dealer and get a price.
Call dealer and auto part stores to find out parts price.
Normally when a water pump goes out it does not do much besides tear up parts you will need to replace when you put new pump in, Normally!
The stethoscope is by far the best way but do it when cold that id when pump makes noise when it is first going bad.
This is just a possibility.

If there is still a lubricant behind the bushing/seal it will quiet down as the lube warms up.