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Chirping noise

I have a chirping noise probably in the power steering pump. But maybe the alternator. Any fixes or just replace it.
2007 kia spectra.

You just replace them.


You really need to localize the noise before you start “throwing parts” at the problem in the hope of a fix. Perhaps you can get an automotive stethoscope to find out exactly where the noise is emanating from.
Harbor Freight has this item for a very low price.

Just be sure that nothing (clothing, hair, jewelry, etc) is dangling when you bend over your running engine in an attempt to localize the noise.

Excellent advice from VDC. A mechanic’s stethoscope is dirt-cheap, it’s only a metal rod attached to a small diaphragm attached to two earpieces. I recommend it.

The noise is probably from the belt. Spray a little water on the belt with a spray bottle and see if the noise goes away for a moment.


Follow VDC’s advice and you will eventually find the source of the noise. Since you can’t localize the noise it may be the serpentine belt or tensioner. Try to get a squirt gun and put some water on the belt and pulleys, -keep your hands and clothes away from the belt-if the sound stops for a few seconds it is probably the belt. Avoid belt dressing sprays, they may stop the noise for a while but make a mess and can damage the belt long term.

When I’ve heard a chirping noise from the engine…it’s always turned out to be a bad idler pulley or tensioner pulley. I replace them both even if one is noisy.

Yeah, those are the most common places where chipmunks live.
But hey. PS pumps are members of the club too, albeit less active ones! :smiley:

Something simple that might work, adjust the belt tension.

I believe the '07 Spectra uses a serp belt with a tensioner. The belt tension cannot be manually adjusted.

ah, can’t be adjusted? That’s the problem with guessing when your newest vehicle is 20+ years old … lol …

No problem. I guess too, and often get corrected. I figure that if I inspire someone else to give the correct answer for the OP, I’ve helped even if the correct answer was given to correct my answer. :sweat_smile:

Incorrect answers are sometimes as informative as correct answers. That’s how science works anyway.