Toyota Corolla '09 rattling

Recently blew the belt that runs the water pump, etc while on a vacation. Had to leave the car at a small mechanic in Winthrop, WA. He replaced the Water pump which had gone bad and the belt that shredded. The car ran beautifully for a week. Now there is this constant rattling sound coming from the water pump area. I attached a video with the sound. The sound will quicken as you accelerate. At cold start up it is usually not present then starts a couple of minutes in. Any help would be appreciated whether it be to take it to a mechanic or I can investigate myself

I could not see the video due to the computer I’m on. I would take it and get a NAPA part and do it myself. I don’t know where he got the pump from, but some of the aftermarket parts are junk now. This is the second newer Toyota in the past week that need water pumps. The other was an overheated Camry 4 cylinder.

I watched the video and it sounds like a bad water pump. I heard that sound recently and it’s very distinctive. The impeller on the water pump was contacting the inner case of the engine as it was an open type pump. A new pump fixed the problem.