Anyone know what type of vintage car this might have come from?

An 89 year old relative gave me this leather cover that she said came from a vintage convertible , possibly from the 1950s
She does not remember what type of car it was nor the year. She was positive that it was from the 1950s though.
Can anyone help to determine its history? Thanks

It looks to me like the boot we used to put over the convertible top when it was folded down. I remember doing this on a 1948 Buick convertible that my aunt owned. These boots were used on convertible tops into the 1950s. I think many makes used them, so it is hard to say what make of car it came from.

It is definitely a boot. My parents both had convertibles through the late '50’s and 60’s, even into the '70’s, and they all had these boots. Dimensions might make it easier to guess.
Since it’s red, I’ll guess that it’s from a sports car.

I had a '61 Mercury Convertible and this cover looks to be shaped very similar to the one on that car. I’d put it on an early '60’s era car and quite possibly a Ford or Mercury.

My mom’s Ford looked just like it, but so did my dad’s Pontiac boots (he had more than one) and also his Fiat 124 Sport Spyder.

It’s a tough one to guess.

Tonneau cover is the correct term. You give no size reference, so it’s almost impossible to gauge what it may fit on. Big would suggest Detroit iron; smaller would say an imported sports car (or a Vette/T-Bird).

Yeah, depending on size could be for anything. My BIL had a 56 Buick convert that was white with a red top that would use a boot like that. Unless it is an after-market I would expect there would be a number or some type of identification somewhere on it or the bag.

Tonneau cover: a protective cover for the seats in an open car or cabin cruiser when they are not in use.

@artifex, measure the distance between the two arms that extend forward (mechanism covers). That will narrow it down to a small car or possibly a large convertible, like a Mercury or Pontiac.

Tonneau cover is also used to refer to the covers on pickup truck beds. I personally have never heard the item in question referred to as anything other than a boot, but the nomenclature used is irrelevant. It’s easy to get too tied up in nomenclatures and forget the question. I’m comfortable with just about any name for it. Spend some time in England and you’ll really get confused… a boot is a trunk, a convertible is a drophead, a shock absorber is a damper, and on and on. I love England, by the way.

Thanks to everyone for your comments thus far!!
Hey Jtsanders I will do exactly what you suggested. Sometime this week I will measure out its complete detentions and add it to here.
Cheers to ALL.

Yeah, those English, they have a different word for everything. When my sister was over there at a pub, the barkeep asked if she wanted oys in her drink. My sister said, “what’s oys?” Barkeep replied, "it’s frozen water. " :slight_smile:

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