Anyone have a maintenance schedule for 91 camry



Hi all, I love this board and the site. I am the proud owner of a 91 Camry in pretty darn good condition for my NYC driving and a lot better in years than I can say for myself. Bought it used a little while ago.

It has 85K miles on it and runs great. a few dangs and rust that’s it.

I am a teacher and am hoping to get all the miles I can out of this, maybe invest in some body work. However, I have no maint. schedule/owners manual, and the toyota website doesn’t go that far back. I’ve ordered one, but it is slow in coming. Does anyone have one at their finger tips they can suggest what I should get done before school starts? I plan on replacing the tires. I change the oil every 2-3K miles (or 2 months) and use a fuel cleaner. what else?


My 92 V6 maqnual says plugs and timing belt at 60,000 miles and coolant change every 3 years with the green ethelyne glycol stuff. Tranny fluid, every 60,000 IMO.

about it for routine stuff. check the boots on the front axles, if cracked get replaced, mine have been done twice.


I had a '91 Camry and I loved it. It was still a reliable daily driver when I gave it to my son at 240,000 miles.

But I can’t remember the maintenance schdule. I seem to recall 60,000 miles as the timing belt schdeule (at least on my 4-banger), and I think the suggestion to get the CV boots checked is a good one…actually a thorough checkup is in order. However you can buy an owner’s manual over the internet.



to generate a maintenance schedule for your Camry

Ed B.