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2012 Toyota Camry - where’s the maintenance chart?

Why can’t I find a chart of maintenance (brake fluid, transmission fluid, spark plugs etc.) for Toyota vehicles anywhere like all the other makes?

That should be in your manual . If you don’t have one you can down load one from the web for free.

Yes, it SHOULD be, but it is not. Feel free to look for yourself and tell me I am blind!

Thank you for the reply,


The warranty and maintenance guide is a separate book.


I really appreciate your time and effort to help me, but I did look in that too before I submitted my question, but sorry I did not send that link instead of the manual to you. I could not find a reference to brake fluid, transmission fluid, or spark plug replacement in it as well. This is the first Toyota in the family. My daughter’s first car after college. I have owned Chevys, Mazdas, Hondas, Hyundais, and Subarus and have been able to find a maintenance table for all of them. I just find it odd Toyota does not do that.

Spark plug replacement is included in the 120,000 mile service. Transmission fluid is inspected every 30,000 miles, there is no replacement schedule but at some point the fluid will appear dirty enough to need to be replaced.

I looked at your link and their is a maintenance schedule showing at 5000 mile intervals . It even references severe service having shortened oil and filter changes . Not sure what it is you are looking for but if you go by a Toyota dealer service department and tell them how many miles on vehicle they will give you a list of things and you can pick and choose from that.

The maintenance schedule is in the link you provided. You have to plow through all the warranty pages to get to it. As others have said, spark plugs at 12000 miles, no mention by Toyota for brake fluid and the every 30000 mile of inspectiop for transmission fluid led me to email Toyota and ask them how I was supposed to check the transmission fluid when they neglected to put a dipstick in the transmission.

They replied and said the inspection isfor leaks only and their “World fluid” never needed changing. They also told me that if anything is going wrong in the transmission, the temp in the transmission will go up and set a light on my dash, at which point I should take it to a dealed for service.

The coolant is Toyota Ultra Long Life, it is pink, nor red and is available only in 50/50 premixed gallons and is good for 10 years/100000 miles from the factory and good for 5 years on subsequent changes.

Thank you for your help. Don’t know why they can’t make a visual chart like every other make I have owned. lol

Thank you very much. Interesting about inspecting the trsnny fluid. I think they could up their game a bit as far as clear communication in their printed maintenance material. lol Any input on when to change brake fluid?

Opinions vary on this forum with a lot of the pros suggesting every three years. I didn’t change mine until year 6 when I did a brake job, but I only had about 40,000 miles on mine and it was not very discolored. I live in a cold climate if it makes any difference.
I bought mine in Dec. 2011 and am still on the original battery.

I’m in Iowa so cold half the year. lol Thank you for your help and advice. Will probably do it at 60K unless it looks dark before then.