Anyone bought American PLATINUM tires?


The two short reponses I got in

mid-December didn’t help much, so I’ll try again: I’m thinking of buying 2 “American PLATINUM” tires (made in USA by Cooper) for my little '92 Mazda Protege from a Belle Tire store here in Michigan. doesn’t sell or rate them, so I know nothing of their quality. Has anyone

bought these?


It’s a private label tire (there are hundreds like it) that provides competing tire dealers with brand protection. “Shelf Space” is another term…They will equal the quality of other Cooper tires…The word platinum is just marketing hype.


try the 1010tires website


The one review I found on wasn’t very complimentary. Overall rated less than one star out of five.


Safety first…why not buy a top rated tire and not worry about quality…see tirerack web site