Anybody here use fix a flat canned stuff in snowblower tires?


Now there is a familiar tool from my youth.

One winter I had to push that thing up a 6 foot high snowbank and dump on the other side of the bank. It was a very long winter, and by the end I had a 6ft deep platform that filled up most of the front yard.

Wow, I haven’t seen an old metal one like that for years. In my teens I think I spent more time with that than actually driving my dad’s car!


Buy a small power air compressor and use it when u need it. Very handy item.


Try it, let us know in March how it worked


So I tried the can of fix a flat, ooze came out of the push button and screw in valve fitting, and nothing went into the tire a major fail and mess. So I went to the auto parts store, got some slime for small tires, It suggested being put into a spare as a preventative measure. The kit came with a valve stem remover, so I removed the valve stem and put 4 oz of it into each tire. I will keep you posted.

I sure hopes it works better for someone in an emergency situation, speaking of which where is that blood drive guy? peter something or other?


Tsk, tsk tsk. 10 character minimum.


@Robert_Gift ?


I must be really lucky. I haven’t had to air up my snowblower tires in 4 years.

It’s 32 degrees here right now, and that’s unseasonably warm. You have no idea how jealous I am. :wink:


I started my blower up last night after getting the cars waxed for winter. Started right up and tires are just fine.


When I was in night school, a friend was gone for a couple of weeks. She went to Minneapolis (from Baltimore) for a couple of weeks in January. When she got back, she said it was miserable. The highest it got the whole time was -15F. All of the locals were bright and cheery, though. Near the end, she asked what was wrong with them-it was incredibly cold and they were happy as larks. They told her the week before she arrived it was -25. They were enjoying the heat wave.


Hahaha! Yeah, that’s about right. About 4 or 5 years ago we had 50 days in a row below 0, and so many snow storms that my snowblower, which can easily kick snow 10 feet straight up, couldn’t get over the piles on the side of the driveway. We happened to have a cruise booked that year and all the people from warm places who found out where we were from treated us like we were refugees. “Here, you take this chair in the sun, you need it more than me.” :smiley:

That was also the year I discovered what it’s like when moisture freezes in the brake booster. That was fun…


I have a neighbor now (different woman) from MN. I asked her if she could move back after spending a couple decades in MD. She said: Not. A. Chance.


I can state that there is no way on this earth that I would move back to North Dakota. Not even if they GAVE me one of those new oil wells!


I guess it all depends on you ur outlook. A childhood friend went to the University of Wisconsin and met his wife there. Her grandfather had a farm in Northern WI, and my friend said he loved that place in the winter, especially when it got really cold. He said the silence on those cold, snowy days was amazing. Hey, Bing lives near Frostbite Falls and loves it.


I would not have used the flat fix, but pb blaster was fine for getting the nut off, the bolt was solid tight, no amount of pblaster, propane torch, or hammering on the bolt would loosen it, saw the bolt head move, but not the bolt, gonna bust that if I keep going I said to myself, so I got a spike and tried beating it out from the other side, ended up mushrooming the bolt so i cannot get the nut back on. Figure 10 minutes into the next snow blow the bolt will probably fall out by itself, you know how it goes. The bolt goes through a sleeve on the wheel through the axle.

Lived in Grand Forks, all the ladies wore boots, visited the twin cities and ladies wore high heels out doors, and it felt colder at a warmer temp in the twin cities, must be the humidity, Bing is near Frostbite falls,? @bing I had no idea!


I wouldrather spend a lifetime in Western NY than one summer in Florida. I still go walking by the river in the winter, have ice grippers on over my boots. The scenery is majestic in the winter. I can put on enough clothes to be comfortable. Nothing I can do to be comfortable in a Florida summer except huddle in the house and worry about the A/C breaking.

Different strokes for different folks.


Ah, I see. You’ve got a different set up I see, I think, except I’ve never looked at mine. Prolly if you got the bolt out, the wheel would be frozen to the shaft anyway and you’d need a puller.

Naw, I’m in sunny southern Minnesota. I only got 5 hours on my blower last year, here. I was really anxious to try out my AWD too but never got enough snow to really try it. Just one trip on bad roads where you don’t want the front wheels to slip to engage the back wheels.


I grew up in Minneapolis, be happy to move to Brainerd area May to October.
Meanwhile here in Florida-47


May to October is a stretch, June 15 to August 15 is my window, Lived in Daytona, Lantana and Del Ray Beach for a bit, your pic does not look like the ocean I loved, more like a waterpark pool, if you are going to be in a pool what does it matter?


Alexander Springs, I occasionally go to the beach but parking is non-existent.


You folks glorifying being out in the sun and complaining about Minnesota winters, just take a look at some of the older sun worshipers. You know the girls that loved to get a deep tan and are now 50 and their skin looks like the nearby alligator? We may look bleached at the end of the winter but our skin is nice and supple. :sunglasses: