Anybody here use fix a flat canned stuff in snowblower tires?


I do not know how to make this car related, but was at a friends for dinner, over sunned in the past lady, still beautiful, and her sister, now I thought her sister was her daughter, kind of like 2 classic cars next to each other, one barn find and the other looked great for the patina.


You drove there after getting your oil changed. I gotta go order some parts for my heater. It’s getting cold here. I should order a new keyboard at the same time.


The horse is out of the barn but next time… before hammering on the threaded end of a bolt, put the nut back on until it sits flush with the bolt end. This will help to prevent distortion of the bolt end or damage to the threads while you’re applying coercion.

I’d just twist the head off now and then use another bolt of the same diameter (but harder) as a drift to drive the damaged bolt out of the axle from the missing head side.


Your skin is dry and cracked because the air I saw so dry in the cold weather. You could use skin cream to keep the damage from occurring. People that are in the sun a lot do the same thing, although it’s a different skin cream.


The problem is its pretty tight quarters to get any kind of tool in there. Maybe a drill to drill the head off or a long bit. My Toro has the pins on the outside of the wheel and they are just push pins, so no problem. My MTD has a bolt into the shaft on the outside. I don’t know what the Snapper has but I’ll take a look next time I’m in South Dakota. Might as well be prepared.


Been 5 of 7 days with snow work this week, The tire is doing fine! Only had to use the big boy 3 times but wanted to let you know.


Glad to hear it.


LOL, Brainerd is where the movie “Fargo” was filmed!
The producers though “Brainerd” would make a poor name for a movie, so they titled it “Fargo”. Loved the movie. The area is too cold for my old bod.


They showed the Paul bunyan staue from Bemidgi, rather than the one from Brainerd, it was a theme park that was relocated, paul was from the 1948 Chicago train fair. They did have bumper cars, and nickelodeons, Animated displays, chickens that could beat you at tic tac toe, flip card movies, a little train you could ride on, magnetic mining shack and arm powered roller things, and typical carny rides. Paul was animated, and parents would watch kids delight as he announced, Hello to whoever from wherever! ie: Hi to tom from St. Louis!,
I forget the story of the dog with the rear end upside down on the lower left, one of the animitrons had Guys skating around on slabs of bacon in a frying pan to grease up the skillet for pauls pancake. If you go north on 169 you will cross the rum river 8 or 9 times, legend is paul got drunk, and the river formed in his footsteps.


The “Fargo Bar” is on Central Ave NE, Mpls. Been in it back in the 60s.
I imagine Brainerd has changed a lot since I was last there in 1977.


Yup, Paul spoke to me, I was 11 or 12.


I have poured Green Slime into all the tires on my yard equipment and trailers and although I occasionally need to add air to some of the tires none have gone flat. An old wheel barrow finally got put in the scrap pile and the tubeless tire on it was so old and dilapidated that there were green pimples on every square inch but it stayed on the rim 'till the end as I pushed it into a utility trailer it carried 100+ pounds of accumulated scrap. If my new wheelbarrow is as reliable I’ll need to will it to someone.


I noticed that the front tires on my cheap lawn tractor went from convex to slightly concave across the tread…checked the pressures…zero! I boast that they’re “run-flat” tires.



Running flat tires they are!


Yeah Paul spoke to me too. I was on a fishing trip about 1957 with the neighbor kid and his dad. Paul knew our names and where we were from. The dad just smiled when we wondered how he knew.

That bar looks very familiar. I know I’ve been by it a number of times but would never dare go in it.


Friend of my son is in his third year in college in ND in Aviation. Says it’s not unusual for flight training to be cancelled because it’s too cold (-40 or colder).