Any tricks to getting the hood open?

I have a '91 dodge ram, and the hood cable broke. the engine is in need of major repairs, and my mechanic said the only way to get the hood open to fix the engine was to break my brand new $400 grille. does anyone know any tricks to get it open? thanks

That sounds so bad. Usually there is a way to reach the hood release somehow.
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FINALLY got this thing open. There’s NO WAY it was accessible from the bottom or thru the grille, even if I destroyed it. Everything related to the release is on top of the striker plate/radiator support.

What I did was:
Push the remains of the old cable thru the firewall after cutting it at the puller end.

Feel around thru the fenderwell until I grasped the cable and pushed it out of it’s sling at the back of the engine compartment.

Get ahold of it where it sneaks up under the battery from underneath and pull it out. Do the same where it comes up next to the radiator.

Push the end out of the grille, and tweak it out at the edge of the headlight to get a straight as possible pull.

Grab with vise grips. Yank mightily. Pop, open she came.

I’ll be replacing the cable with a new one, as the original was all full of corrosion. Short term, I’ll tie a stick or something to the end of the shorty hanging there now.

What a PITA.
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Try to locate the cable & pull on it with a pair of pliars.