Any more known issues with Volvos?

I’ve learned that Volvos may have issues with rings and pistons after about 100K miles. My 2014 S60 hasn’t bitten the dust yet but my mechanic tells me that high oil consumption could be an indication that this is in the cards. The mechanic said that more frequent oil changes and topping off the oil frequently could keep it going for awhile.

So now I need to decide if I want to invest a bundle to get it fixed. If spending 4 or 5 grand on the ring and piston issue will get me another few years out of the car, I’d probably go for that. The car’s only 7 years old and has just 125K miles, which should not be a big deal for a Volvo.

But if there are other issues that are common with this make or model, I probably wouldn’t want to keep it.

Can the Volvo crowd offer any insight? I bought the car new and have had all service and preventative maintenance done as scheduled. It’s been a great car. I just need to decide if it still has a bit of life left or if I should start looking for my next vehicle.

Not a Volvo person, but it doesn’t matter, an engine is an engine.

So how much oil does it use?

1 Quart in 3000 miles? - No worries, check your oil regularly
1 Quart in 2000 miles? - Still no worries, check your oil regularly
1 Quart in 1000 miles? - Start to worry, check your oil weekly, start saving for a new car
1 Quart in 500 miles? - You’ve got problems, your catalytic converter is going to die shortly, check your oil every gas fill up, visit your bank and get a new car loan ready.


Yes , start looking since your oil light came on according to your other thread . You should know by now that this thing could shrink your savings account in seconds.

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How much oil is it using and oil consumption as far as rings go is verifiable with a dry/wet compression test.
Maintenance schedule shows 10k miles oil changes and based on a number of factors this recommendation could be ill advised.

Reasons for ring issues. Oil changes not frequent enough, not checking the oil level, allowing the oil level to drop low enough to trigger the no oil pressure light, overheating and continued operation, etc are some of those reasons.
If any or all of those apply this makes it a neglect by you problem; not a Volvo problem.

So. How often do you check the oil level? Ever have the no oil pressure lamp illuminate?