Any ideas?

For some time my power locks have independently locked themselves - sometimes 3 maybe 5 times in a row - yesterday the car wouldn’t start, wouldn’t crank or click , radio headlights horn windows ok battery checks out ok, bench test starter checks out ok but back in car won’t turn over with key or straight from battery - no juice to #9 7.5 amp fuse under dash labled starter switch, radio came on by itself and when I depressed brake pedal it turned off - any ideas???

Here is one idea. When you post a question it would be VERY helpful if you disclosed the year, make, model, mileage of the vehicle you are talking about…

Here is one universal idea…Remove the fuse block, turn it over and look for a melt-down or some other short causing problem…

Sorry, this was my second post for this problem - 1st time no response -originally year make model was title - 96 honda accord wagon electrical? thanks for bringing to my attention

Still not enough specific information from you. What MODEL Honda is it? Does the wagon have anANTI-THEFT system? What engine size? Is it a DX, EX, SE, or what?
The anti-theft system would prevent the under-dash-starter relay from energizing.

EX 4 cylinder no anti theft (just an anti start right now) I read a recall notice from 98 about problems with ac wiring harness causing shorts don’t know if original owner ever had it checked