Any honda dealer techs here

My wife has been getting her oil changed and tires rotated every 5k at the dealer on her 11 accord. Started out the first 3 being free so she kept going. They charge 49.95. I thought I could save a little so I stopped by and got the oil and filter to do it myself. I paid 49.74 for 5 qts of 0-20 synthetic blend and a filter. So this means for 21 cents they will change the oil and rotate the tires. I don’t know what to say

Don’t get the oil and filter from the dealer. Local parts stores are always running some kind of specials on oil and filter for somewhere around 29.95 for the syn-blend.

Put your tail between your legs and go lay down by your dish.

Shops are set up to do this. And the reason is if while doing an oil change, at the same time they can inspect the rest of the vehicle. If they see an open CV-boot, that’s more business. If they see a coolant/oil leak, that’s more business.


The perception is often that oil changes are a money maker and they are not, even if factoring a discounted amount for bulk buying of oil and filters.

Yeah, my wife said exactly what tester said, except she’s the one that falls for the extra stuff! And I can’t find 0-20 oil anywhere unless its full synthetic. I assumed (i know) that it would be higher than semi synthetic even from a dealer. Turns out its about the same price.

Zero weight oil is syn? Yup. 50 for dealer syn change is pretty good. Usually it is 75 for our Camry.

Autozone often runs $29.99 specials for 5 quarts (jug) of Mobil 1 synthetic and an oil filter…Just saying.

Hmm, 30 for oil, 10 for paper filter cartridge. 40 total. And lay under car and drip oil in your face to save $10? Priceless.

IMO synthetic is way overpriced. Most folks never get close to needing a synthetic. I tried it in several cars over the years and switched back to dino. I can change oil and filter on any one of our 4 honda cars for $17.00 . . . just did one last weekend. Quaker State and Puro or Fram filter. BTW, my old Accord almost hit 600,000 without engine repair doing it this way. Rocketman

+1 unless synthetic is required, I feel dino oil is good enough. I have a 2000 honda accord sitting at 260K miles and it costs me $14 to do a self oil change. why would i need a superior product to improve these results? If the engine blew up at 350K miles, I would be ok with that.

i’m not even concerned for the engine (in the next 90K miles).

Honda filters at the dealer are $10 and on line $5. Honda blend 50/50 is $8 a quart. You can get Mobil 1 full synthetic for about $30 for 5 quarts. So a DIY oil change with full syn should be about $35 with a new washer. Last time the dealer charged me $75 for an Acura oil change but I expected full synthetic and they put in the blend for $8 a quart. I’m doing my own now.

Yep, $5 online filter plus $8 shipping. Not familiar with Honda 50/50 stuff? Is their 100% syn even more expensive? So is the 50/50 stuff spc’d at 0w-20? Or is the 0w stuff only available full syn? Honda of course, not Toyota or off brand stuff.

Ya usually buy the six pack of filters to mitigate the shipping charge. I’ve bought both full syn and 50/50 at the dealer and the price seemed to be the same at about $8.50. Both come in 0-20 but it seems dealers carry the 50/50 mix more than the full syn. Don’t know why but had trouble getting it on the road in Michigan too as well as Minneapolis. So for the same price or less I just go with Mobil 1 full syn. Outside of Honda haven’t seen a blend that was 0-20 myself but wasn’t interested in it anyway.

checked with honda. their blend stuff is available in 0-20 and is $8. not sure of the honda marketing plan if 50/50 and full syn are both same viscosity and same price. usually customers complain about prices for premium products at dealers and than honda prices all their oil the same.