Any good mechanics in toronto?

My oil light never shuts off now, even though theirs oil in it… I drive a 2003 jetta 1.8t gls, i changed the oil level switch 3-4 times, im guessing my oil pump is gone… Is their any good mechanics in toronto that would change for a reasonable price & do a good work?

Are we talking about the oil level switch or the oil pressure switch?

I’m not in Toronto but given the size of the city there has to be a good mechanic who specializes in VW. I’d ask on one of the VW specific forums. The Jetta has a cult following and lots of guys willing to help. You are using the specified VW engine oil?

Oil level switch @"MY 2 CENTS"‌

Red oil pressure light or low oil level light? I’m assuming the latter…
Any chance of inadvertently changing the wrong switch for the problem?

If it’s the oil level light what does the dipstick show? The dipstick would be the preferable way to read the oil level.

“…im guessing my oil pump is gone.”

Nothing you have said would indicate this. Do you have other evidence?

On the 1.8 Jetta I could not find an oil level switch in the schematics.

Its right on max @"MY 2 CENTS"‌