2004 Jetta

I was driving and my oil lighting came on and was flashing. It shut off after a few seconds. Anybody know why that would happen. I had just got off the freeway and had been stopped at a light and was starting to go when it came on.

What’s your oil level?

You really don’t want to drive this car until this is fixed, unless you want to take a chance on buying a new engine.


When you pulled the dipstick, at what level was the oil?


AC is acting up per other post. Oil light intermittent. Before you start the engine again check the oil level, add if needed. Then find another mechanic, the one who looked @ the AC dId not sound like they were competent. With these two problems you need a decent mechanic to help you


Probably a bad oil pressure sensor.

The OP hasn’t returned to tell us what the oil level is, so I’m not sure it’s worth bothering to guess.


Additionally, I am wondering if he really thinks that repairing the A/C is a high priority on a 17 year old car whose engine might be ready for the junk heap.


No I don’t think the ac is a priority. The oil has been taken care if and was immediately. The light was on not even ten seconds. When I added oil it still had some so it wasn’t running on empty. I asked about the ac because the shop couldn’t figure it out and I didn’t want to spend money. I’m trying to figure out the ac because it isn’t simply the ac that isn’t working. The car is shutting down the ac and I’m trying to find the reason because there obviously is a bigger problem with it. And yes it’s 17 years old but it’s the only vehicle I have. I work full time and need a car to survive so I’m trying to keep it running

Again, how much did you have to add? It doesn’t have to be empty to damage your engine.

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Again you refuse to answer the question about amount of oil added.
For the oil pressure light to come on the oil pump is sucking air.

Then you need to forget about the AC.

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I added a quart and a half. Sorry I thought I answered that. I had another post about my car and answered it in there

It was probably the oil level warning light, you added oil, not a big deal but there are many who like to give motor oil lectures.