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Any Good Knowledge of IMRC Function?

I’m looking for info on possible problems/symptoms of IMRC (intake manifold runner control) modules/plates/valves.

In particular, I’m wondering if anyone knows whether something like a sticky IMRC valve/plate or IMRC module problem can produce a sound that is very much like a bad valve/lifter or small exhaust manifold leak (loud tick tick tick or ch-ch-ch-ch that rises and falls in speed with engine speed).

I’m further wondering if this kind of sticky problem could cause an occasional and unpredictable misfire. (Presumably from excessive leanness or richness).

And finally - and this is a stretch - if I happen to have had my air intake off to inspect my IMRC module - and while the air intake was off dosed the throttle body w/ some carb cleaner just for good measure - might I have accidentally fixed my loud tick and misfire problem? B/c they’re suddenly gone - and I was inspecting the IMRC module b/c it was the closest thing I could find to what was ticking.

I’m just looking for the realm of possibility.

Vehicle: 1997 Ford Escort LX, 2.0L 4cyl SOHC

sounds like you fixed it,anythings possible,Mitsubishi runs the VICS ,hyundai and many others way to much to get into though,just glad to see you got the prob solved.

happy motoring