I need help!!! I don’t know too much about cars and I was referred to this site in hopes of finding help…I have an '01 Taurus SE. 3.8V. The thermostat lately has been going to hot. I have to put Anti-freeze in my car everyday…I checked to see if maybe there was a leak but there is nothing on the ground. If there is no leak and nothing on the ground, then where is the Antifreeze going??


Your car has one of two engines, either a 3.0L Vulcan or a 3.0L Duratec. It would be helpful to know which engine, but a common problem is the plastic coolant reservoir tank gets a split in the bottom, and leaks coolant out.


this could be a serious problem. if there is absolutely no visible leak then it has to be internal. possibly a head gasket blown and the car is burning the antifreeze or maybe a crack in the block and it is filling the crankcase with water. you should get this checked immediately to prevent serious engine failure.


If you notice lots of white smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe, you have a leak somewhere, probably a blown head gasket.


You car should not use any coolant. It would appear that you would be best served by taking it to a local mechanic who you trust and have them check it out. Continuing to drive it MAY cause additional damage.