Antifreeze in the oil

I have a 1997 Lexus LX 450. I just had the AC unit replaced. On the way home from the repair shop, the oil gauge did not work. Then some antifreeze leaked out of the bottom of the front end below the radiator. Now it looks like there’s antifreeze in the oil since the dip stick fluid level is an inch or two above “full” and the oil has an orange tint to it? Did the mechanic screw something up?

Those systems should be completely isolated from each other. He’d have really had to mess with other parts of the engine to “cause” that problem.

Oil (pressure) gauge not working, well, that’s just a wire. Did this engine overheat by chance?

I think much more info needs to be provided.

Definition of AC replaced. What exactly was replaced?

How far is home from the shop and where was the engine temperature gauge in all of this?

At what point did you notice the oil gauge not working and how far did you drive the vehicle with an inoperative oil gauge?

There are a lot more questions and those are for starters.