Temperature Gauge Needle Stuck

I recently had the radiator on my car replaced and wen I got it back the temperature and gas gauge needles are both blown past the HOT sign and past the full sign on my gas gauge and is sitting under the little black piece under the the cold side and under the empty side. it was obviously messed with and completely turned around but why is it like this? will it reset itself or should I take ie back to the mechanic to have it fixed by him? any advice will help thanks

Anybody else here think the mechanic might have put the battery back in backwards and tried to start this mystery vehicle?

Year Make Model please

sorry…2000 buick park …cld that be the problem really

cld that cause other problems? shorts, etc??? now
im very interested

On second thought, no. The gauges in your vehicle are probably controlled by the body control module. There is no direct connection between the gauge and anything under the hood. I can’t see how anyone could cause this by replacing a radiator.

If the battery was hooked up backwards, I’m not sure your car would even run. There are a lot of sensitive electronics in that thing. I would think that if they did that, you would have a lot more problems and you would have noticed them by now.

Are the needles in their normal position when everything is shut down?

The problem didn’t exist before you had it serviced. I’d take it back and make them put it right.

@ keith ya all was well with my car before I brought it to them but I brought it back and they took care of it. They explained that wen they do a pressure test on the new coolant system the air pressure can blow the needles around. It was no biggie but they did try to charge me so if this happens to you, i have come to find out it is completely normal and the gauges will reset themselves after a few miles or driving.

They took care of it, good for them, but their explanation is bogus. But its fixed and that is the important thing.

they tried to charge you for fixing what they broke?

That’d be the last time I brought my car to them for anything.

ya Ill definitely be staying away from there…and Keith if its not the explanation that they gave me was what was wrong what else could it be? I thought exactly like you…“I can’t see how anyone could cause this by replacing a radiator”… and thats what I expressed to the shop. My gauges were never a problem before and I have had numerous radiators repaired (but not on this car) and this has never happened any other time or on any other car. I just figure as long as they fixed it and the problem doesnt come back then its really not that big of a problem. But it was bout to get crazy in there when they told me they might have to charge me. And if you can think of any other reason that this problem could’ve occurred then I would love to hear it in case the problem does come back. Thanks again!