Anti theft program on 2005 Ford Escape

My anti theft program on my 2005 Ford Escape goes off at random. This started 3 years ago. I took it to a mechanic and was told it has 4 sensors (hood, trunk, 4 doors) . He deduced the drivers door sensor was the problem and replaced it. $300 and 4 months later, I had the same problem. Since I have nice neighbors, I had my son remove the horn fuse. The lights still flash at will but seem to be on a timer and have not run down my battery. I am now having other small issues (fuel gauge doesn’t always register; turn signal doesn’t always work etc) , are they related to the removed horn fuse? I checked with a Ford dealer and was told it would cost me at least $200 to diagnose the problem. Can’t afford to be “nickle and dimed” over this. Can the anti-theft program be disabled? If so, can it be done without causing other problems? What are my options here?

Did you buy the car used? Are you sure it was never in a flood? Numerous electrical problems always make me suspicious of such…

Regarding the alarm specifically, are you aware of the location of both key fobs at the time, and are you sure the panic button isn’t being pressed accidentally?

System is pretty easy, your technician/garage needs to have a good scan tool… The GEM/SJB module (controls body/interior electrical functions) is in charge of the permeter alarm. The module records and stores the last 5-8 alarm events and will indicate what triggered the alarm… If this system has been going off regularly, all the events will likely point to the same culprit… Module data display will indicate LF, RF, LR, RR, Hood or liftgate as the alarm event trigger.

Potentially the sjb can be programmed to disable the alarm permanently… Some times thru programmable parameter sometimes thru modifying the module config (not recommended)…

If you have access to the SJB parameter data and know what corner is triggering the alarm, the tech should be able to just go in and fix it without too much effort and expense…(possible the vehicle may need a door latch replacment, this has some cost associated)

I have the same with my 05 escape. I just gave up and stopped locking it. Getting woken up at random times in the night wasn’t fun.