'10 Ford Escape - Alarm keeps going off randomly

The alarm in my V6 Escape Ltd keeps, on a daily basis, randomly going off when parked on street. As well as when I open a door after the alarm had seemingly been disarmed and doors unlocked.
Could it be as simple(?) as a malfunctioning ‘door ajar sensor’?
Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions and input.

It is probably a sensor, finding it might take a lot of work. For a 2010 I might try and remove the fuse for the alarm and call it a day, unless it has a system that would disable the ignition in which case your best bet is trial and error or using a shop that specializes in alarms.

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My son in law had a 2010 Ford Fusion. He had the same problem. The door ajar light was always on. The light didn’t specify which door but my scanner identified it as the front passenger door. I told him to get that door fixed and it should take care of the problem. We never took care of it so it never got fixed.