Anti Squeal Shims (Toyota Brakes)

I’m changing rear brake pads and rotors on my 1995 Toyota Avalon.The FSM (page BR-21) states that “when replacing pads, anti squeal shims are replaced along with the pads”.
Does this mean "replaced with NEW "ones? The price of OEM shims are as much as the pads themselves. I’ve re-used shims on my '79 Celica and '82 Cressida several times, with no problems (OEM shims no longer available).
This is the second time the pads in the back are being replaced (car has 241,000 miles)

Exactly. Ran across this with my Camry. Couldn’t find them as separate item locally other than dealer. Decided to re-use them rather than spend 2x. Had numerous noise issues that I struggled with while those pads were installed. Next time, I asked the parts guy which pads came with replacement shims. only a bit more expensive for those. I was very happy with them- duralast gold.

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Thanks, TwinTurbo. Toyota used to sell the shims, pads, and clips, etc. in a “pad kit”, years ago. Now they only sell the pads and, separately, the shims. aprox $36 each
(pads or shims).

I use a premium brake kit from .Everything is included in the box.Pads are carbon metallics and include shims and hardware kit.They are way better than what Toyota is using right now…better stopping power, great pedal feel and long lasting.

The set if rear pads I bought were Advance/Carquest Wearever gold as were the rotors. The rotors are coated and the pads came with all shims and clips. Have already lasted longer than the ones that came on my 2012 Camry. They are only a few dollars more than the silver line.

When I did the front brakes, I bought Toyota pads $52, they came with no clips or springs, I tried re-using the old ones but they just wouldn’t stay in place so I went to Advance and bought a set for $13.

Thanks for the info. I shouldn’t be leery about using aftermarket shims with OEM pads.

Well, lets be clear about the nomenclature, to me , shims go on the back of the pad and both the OEM Toyota and the Wearever gold came with shims already glued to the back of the pads. then there were complicated stainless thin sheet metal clips that go over the brake fixture slides to give a non rusty surface for the steel ears on the pads to slide on rather than sliding on the rusting brake fixture rails.

On the front of may 2012 Camry, there are stainless wire springs that go in holes in the edge of the pads as well as the clips. The aftermarket ones worked very well.