Anti lock brakes kickin in at wrong time

I have a 2000 silverado. When I come to a stop, sometimes the anti-lock brakes will kick in. it makes that all too familiar grinding/clicking sound that I hear all winter. However, it is happening during the summer/fall. It doesn’t happen every time I brake. It seems to happen most when I am coming to a stop on an uphill or downhill grade, or when I am stopping while turning. It doesn’t happen the whole time while braking, just right at the end before the vehicle stops. It also seems to happen more frequently when it is warmer out. The tires don’t skid while it is stopping either, which I guess is supposed to happen. It is a concern since it does take me a bit longer to stop when the anti-lock is going, and I never can predict when it will happen. Any thoughts or suggestions?

This is a common problem on GM trucks.

Have someone remove the wheel speed sensors and inspect the mounting surfaces for the sensors for accumulated rust. The rust causes the wheel speed sensors to become misaligned with the sensor tone rings and this causes the ABS to engage at slow speeds on dry surfaces.

The fix is to clean the surfaces of rust and then apply a thin coat of grease to the surfaces to prevent future rusting, and then reinstall the wheel speed sensors.


It is a wheel speed sensor problem and as mentioned it is a common problem. The speed signal from one of the sensors is dropping out and causing the ABS to activate, most of the time it is one of the front sensors.

The wheel speed sensors are part of the wheel bearing assembly, the sensor and tone ring are internal and can not be serviced or cleaned. Replacement of the bearing assembly is the only way to cure the problem.