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Anti-lock Alert Can't Make Up It's Mind

The anti-lock alert indicator of my 2000 Buick Century goes off and on every day or so in warm weather; seemed that it stayed on much longer in cold weather. Braking is fine, no other alerts associated with braking. Is this a common problem? Might this be oxidation on terminal connectors of wheel sensors since it’s so intermittent??

If you want good info, a shop with a good scanner can pull error codes. It is quite possible that you do just have a loose or otherwise bad connection or wiring issue for one or more of the wheel speed sensors. But there are other possibilities. You do just want to get it checked out. I’m pretty sure the wheel speed sensors in those cars are integrated into the hub/wheel bearing assembly. If you have a wheel bearing on its way out it can also cause this. A bad wheel bearing is - well, bad. Have someone look at it.

Thanks for your reply and advice, cigroller