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I have a 06 honda CRV automatic ,book calls for Honda fluid only Type 2. antifreeze. I know there have been many discussions on here before about Honda only anti-freeze. I live in Canada high priced place lots of taxes on goods.
Honda garage wants about $ 23.00 taxes included for a 3.78 L jug of honda premixed. So that is $ 23.00 for less than 2 litres of anti-freeze as the balance is water. Seems awful high to me. System holds 5.4 L. I have a jug of new prestone pure anti-freeze that I bought when I had a 2000 Accord but never used it. Would it be unwise for me to use one jug of the honda & use the prestone for the balance?? I know some will say don’t be so cheap, but that is ok as they might be right. Just like some comments. I know the book says the anti-freeze in the CRV from new is good for 10 years. I don’t like leaving it for 10 years. Thanks, Honda Bill.

Either one or the other, I would definitely not mix them. But I’d bite the bullet and use the Honda fluid. Maybe you can get it through the internet.

Why would you buy premix? You let someone else add the really cheap part (water) but pay them twice as much to do it.

If it was me, I’d probably flush out all of the old and then just go to any of the several universal coolant brands.

Hi Cigroller: Thanks for your comment. I did ask the Honda dealer if it was pure anti-freeze or premixed. He said premix is the only way they sell Honda type 2 . I will finally make up my mind. Of course I do all my own fluid changes. No garage gets under my hood.

I agree with cigroller…Honda is really milking the cow with their “special fluids” requirements…

Twenty three dollars for roughly a gallon of pre-mix? Ouch.

Go to Wal Mart and buy Peak or Prestone Global. You won’t need the Honda stuff at all.

And yes, you Canadians are being ripped off by your high prices considering the strong Canadian Dollar…Unless there is a steep hidden VAT tax tacked onto everything…

It is difficult to tell if Honda (or any other make) is telling you to use only Honda fluid because you really need to or Honda is looking for some additional profit.

My first step would be to get something in writing from Honda saying it is or is not OK to use non-Honda fluid. I would also want to get something in writing from the manufacturer of any fluid other than OEM approved is OK for your car and that they will pay for any damage resulting from the use of their product.

Good Luck

BTW I have a VW and I pay the extra couple of bucks for the VW stuff.

If the book says to only use the Honda type 2 antifreeze, I’d do it. If it says Honda type 2 antifreeze recommended, then they’re just trying to drum up a little cash for themselves. Re-check the book.

That said, yes $23 is expensive but even if you replace the fluid at double the called for rate, you’re talking about less than 5 bucks a year. Open a savings account :wink:

I’ve never used Honda brand antifreeze in my 1998 Civic since I’ve started doing my own maintenance (when the warranty expired at 36,000 miles). I’ve never had a problem. I get the cooling system drained and refilled every two years.

Prestone (and others) make antifreeze suitable for Honda’s. I think there are less then 5 antifreeze plants in the US. Honda isn’t one of them.

While I can almost understand the inability of the carmakers to standardize oil specs, the situation with all the different anitfreeze formulations is beyond me. Just Ford has multiple required fluids for its different cars.

That’s just crazy.

My feeling is that the few extra bucks every 5 years (that seems to be your periodicity) is a cheap price to pay to ensure the correct fluid.

You can save money by buying the non-premixed and mixing it per the drections with distilled water from the grocery store, about $1.29/gal here in NH.