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Honda branded fluids: the same as the regular stuff?

I know that my tranny should get the Honda branded transmission fluid to work best but I also have a gal of Honda antifreeze I bought 5 years ago and haven’t used. The Odyssey never seems to need topping off but I would like to use it in my 90 Camry. Any idea if it is just typical grade coolant?

Are you planning to replace all of the coolant in the Camry, or do you just want to use the Honda antifreeze to top it up?

No, just top it off.

I’d be careful if I were you. There are different antifreeze types, and they are not all compatible. Mixing the wrong types together can result in very serious cooling system problems.

You don’t want that.

Are the colors the same? If not, don’t mix them.

A good cooling system doesn’t need topping off but isn’t your Odyssy due for a coolant change after 5 years?

I have a 2004 accord and a 2005 camry. I use wally world anti freeze (or prestone), wally world super tech oil/filter, trans fluid too (or castrol brand) and valvoline brake fluid. the only “honda” equivalent fluid I use is the PS fluid. No problems at all in either car. Why pay double for the same stuff in after market stores? trust me. If it’s not in warranty, go for it.